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Dir en grey, Sheperds Bush Empire, Setlist

So here we go again *^ ^*

Dir en grey, London, Sheperds Bush Empire, 2007.11.02 Setlist

01 Repetition of Hatred
02 Ryoujoku no Ame
03 Lie buried with a vengance

04 Disabled Coplexes
05 -saku-
06 Agitated Screas of Maggots
07 The Final
09 deadtree
10 Mercilless Cult
12 Deeper Vilenes

E13 Kodou
E14 Clever Sleazoid

I've never waited so long for the [actual] concert after entering the venue. But it was worth it XD
Diru seemed somehow more casual then usual. But that was good feeling.
Firts row, in front of Kaoru-san and Toshiya-san.
I'm little dissapointed by the setist - first its so short, second, theres no older staff, we all wanted to hear.
But Dir en grey gave us great perforance.
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How was it to hear Dozing green live? DAMN what would I give to join this tour! ;_;
But I'm happy you had fun! ^^ And thank you for the setlist! ♥
What do you think how was their mood?
It was amazing! Dozing Green is great song for live, I hope they will play it as classic even in next couple years ^ ^
About the mood... It was my first time in front of Kaoru-san and Toshiya-san. I though they looked little angry at the begginig, but it was probably just the difference with Die-san, who is smiling a lot ;p Or maybe not angry, but when they're starting a concert you can see each time their determination to play it the best way ^ ^
But I think they also enjoyed it ^ ^ It was quite amusing seeing how much they like to be adored ;p Shinya-san got to big drums to see him from my place XD
And Kyo-san was amazing as always *_*
[thankfully, no self-destructing thing XD]